Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok what the hell? All those mums are crazy. I seriously find that what Matt Smith said, "I'm not Ginger" Is not offensive in anyway possible! HE WANTED TO BE GINGER. How is that offensive? Anyone agree? I mean come on, i dont like Matt Smith but thats just ridiculous to accuse him and BBC for that line.

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Friday, January 1, 2010


I found this online, I want it sooooo bad. Heres the link to buy it:

Bad Wolf Bay

If this doesn't make you cry or at least make you feel extremely sad, you are not a doctorwho fan, or you are a cold heartless soul.

Matt Smith

Ok i already hate Matt Smith even though hes been on the screen for what two minutes? Anyways what do you guys think of his god awful new Doctor Outfit? I mean COME ON, ickk. Whats worse the bow tie? or the non matching suit.

Chameleon Circuit

This is a fantastic band put together by a few British Youtubers, Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike and others and they write Trock Songs.

Definition of Trock: Time Lord Rock, an assortment of music devoted precisely to Doctorwho related topics

One awesome song from their album:

Please check them out, they are truly fantastical.

over and out

End of Time PART ONE AND PART TWO links

Part One:

Part Two: click the red play button and it will have an ad appear, just close the ad and go back to the play button and it should be green, then if you click it will play. Enjoy :D

Not going to lie, i cried when david tennant left, and i normally don't cry. This is a spectacular ending and i hope you all love it as much as i did.




I have basically created this blog so that us fellow Doctor Who lovers can share our appreciation for our Lonely Angel. Some things you should know:

A: I live in America and I find all doctor who episodes from Britain pretty easily online so if i ever find them, i will post the link

B:I fell in love with this TV show 2 years ago because of a youtuber: charlieissocoollike, mentioning it and i though i should check it out. Hence the obsession started.

C:I've never been to London but i wish to so greatly that my heart aches thinking about it

D: I'm scarily in love with the doctor, the character, the way he takes people to the stars and though its just a tv show, everyday i wish there was the slightest chance that it were really, i want to get out and see the stars.

E: My favorite Doctor is the 10th, the best David Tennant.

So please follow my blog because i will do my best to post all things Doctor Who related and try to get a discussion board up so we can all discuss our love for this truly remarkable show.
Until then,