Monday, January 4, 2010


Ok what the hell? All those mums are crazy. I seriously find that what Matt Smith said, "I'm not Ginger" Is not offensive in anyway possible! HE WANTED TO BE GINGER. How is that offensive? Anyone agree? I mean come on, i dont like Matt Smith but thats just ridiculous to accuse him and BBC for that line.

WRite in the comments what you think..



  1. I COMPLETELY agree! It's totally unfair. I think that people take things the wrong way too often, and that they get mad and complain over EVERY little thing. Sometimes, I think that they just look for reasons to bring attention to things that most other people don't care about. I mean, if you find it offensive, DON'T WATCH! It's as simple as that. I mean, there wasn't a big deal when David Tennant made the remark about wanting to be ginger, so why now? I mean really, some people....

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