Friday, January 1, 2010



I have basically created this blog so that us fellow Doctor Who lovers can share our appreciation for our Lonely Angel. Some things you should know:

A: I live in America and I find all doctor who episodes from Britain pretty easily online so if i ever find them, i will post the link

B:I fell in love with this TV show 2 years ago because of a youtuber: charlieissocoollike, mentioning it and i though i should check it out. Hence the obsession started.

C:I've never been to London but i wish to so greatly that my heart aches thinking about it

D: I'm scarily in love with the doctor, the character, the way he takes people to the stars and though its just a tv show, everyday i wish there was the slightest chance that it were really, i want to get out and see the stars.

E: My favorite Doctor is the 10th, the best David Tennant.

So please follow my blog because i will do my best to post all things Doctor Who related and try to get a discussion board up so we can all discuss our love for this truly remarkable show.
Until then,


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